The Baby Shower Guide

There’s a baby shower going on today at work. I was feeling bad that I didn’t think that I could go. I put in money and signed the card but anything baby shower related is too painful for me. Then I feel bad. Then I feel sad. It’s a cycle, one that repeats itself all day.

Really though, why would I do something that hurts so much? No one will care. There will be plenty of people there and I’m sure that I won’t be missed. I just tried to explain why I won’t be able to participate and got a really, really insensitive response. People just don’t understand. But I knew that already.

The Baby Shower Guide for Infertile People:

Don’t go. If it hurts, don’t do it. Since we know that the understanding is just not there, don’t attempt to explain unless you are asked. Just don’t go. If anyone is upset you can tell them that it is too painful. No more, no less. Anyone who doesn’t get it is pretty damn thick. I don’t see an upside to going. The only downside is that I don’t get a cupcake. Oh well. I’ll live.

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  1. It happened to me last week. A co-worker just told the great new over our break, and i literally couldn´t move for a few seconds. I said congrats and spent the next 10 mins in the bath, because i so needed to be alone. An email would be really nice. But it doesn´t happen.

    1. Isn’t it odd how time stands still for a brief moment while it sinks in?It’s like that second after an injury when you don’t know if you’re hurt or not. And then you realize how much pain you are in…

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