Dear Fertile People,
Being infertile in a fertile world hurts. A lot.
I get that most people don’t (and can’t) understand this pain.
I am going to attempt to explain it.


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  1. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us. I just read through all of your posts again, have found you through StirrupQueens’s blogroll. I haven’t felt ready to start pointing people to your posts yet, I might start doing so soon if I get much more unwanted advice from fertile friends and family. Of course every cycle I think this might be the one where we finally get lucky, and then talking to fertile people about infertility will of course be so much easier if I can do so once I have a take-home baby (ironically mostly because I don’t want to hear one more piece of their advice while I’m gearing up for a round of IVF). Anyway thank you for sharing and helping us all feel less alone in this.

  2. i’m literally crying tears of …well, i don’t know what- but being understood is so rare. Thanks for speaking for those of us who never EVER get spoken for. <3

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