And then…

The husband decides that he is done. Well and truly done.

It literally took my breath away. Stole it, leaving me gasping.

You see, this is not what we had agreed upon. It doesn’t matter though, he’s just no longer in that head space.

And now I try to accept this thing that feels taken from me. All while trying not to become a statistic. We made it through six losses, this will become less raw with time too, right?
Please say yes.

7 Replies to “And then…”

  1. You will be ok. Trying for a baby takes over every waking moment. Imagine all the time you have spent at doctors appointments , crying your self to sleep, all night conversations, living life around the what if’s ! Maybe its time to decided you and your husband are a family of 2. 2 people who love each other who have survived !! as a couple you have survived! Now it might be time to live for each other , find the laughter in your marriage . I wish you love and happiness . I will pray that you find joy

    1. So you didn’t actually read any of the content on this site then? You just pretty much broke every fucking rule I have spelled out.

      You don’t get to tell me what or who I should live for. What I should accept as my family. You definitely shouldn’t tell me to decide to be a family of 2. I have 6 children, they just don’t live with us physically. They are very much a part of our family, even if it is just in the space in our hearts and minds.

      Please don’t pray for me. Pray for yourself. Pray that you will pull our head out of you ass and keep your stupid, condescending opinions to yourself.


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